Welcome to the Ruby & Rain Journal! 
We thought it was only appropriate that our first ever blog post was getting to know our co-founder and the face of Ruby & Rain - Meagan Te Wiata.
If you're a long time member of the R+R community then you probably know Meagan quite well by now. She is found on our instagram stories daily, quite often giving you an outfit of the day or sharing something funny that her beautiful boys have done. But what you might not see is the blood sweat and tears that goes on behind the scenes. Meagan lives and breathes fashion and is all over every decision, every order, every funny story and every other thing that makes Ruby & Rain so damn great! Although Meagan lives over the hill from the girls at HQ in Blenheim she is always just a phone call away providing us with a laugh or checking in to see how we are getting on. She's a goodie, and we all love when she comes to visit!
We thought since most of you probably already know Meagan, we would dive a little deeper and find out the things you really want to know. Keep reading...


  • What was your first job?

We grew up in a farming/market gardening community and lived on a lifestyle block. I worked on our own farm (probably from the time I could walk) and neighbouring farms.... picking peas, cutting lettuces, planting seeds off the back of a tractor, feeding the farm animals. My first off the farm job was my local paper round. I had about 120 circulars to deliver and it took about 2 hours to bike around our suburb as all the houses were so spaced out. I loved rainy days as it meant someone had to drive me and it was much quicker!


  • What is your biggest fear?

Biggest fear is losing someone close to me. It's something I worry far too much about.


  • If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Ohhhh probably roast chicken with all the trimmings, I love a good roast!


  • Have you ever had a nickname? What is it?

My friends and family call me Meg/ Megs. My Dad only ever calls me Miggs (I don't know why haha) but often I don't answer to Meagan.


  • What's your favorite zoo animal?

I loveee Giraffes and Pandas. Those lashes and long legs on a giraffe are what I dream for haha.....and pandas just look cute and cuddly!!!


  • Are you a clean or messy person?

Extremely clean!!! I never go to bed with a messy house. Having children has made me have to relax a little as they are just constant wee hurricanes.....but yes all the toys have their own space!


  • What's the most unusual thing you've ever eaten?

A worm out of the tequila... is that unusual haha?? .....a lambs tail or a cockroach?? Lets just say these are all while being intoxicated and young!


  • What's your favourite ruby & rain piece you've ever designed?

Ohhh that’s a tough one, I have so many different favourite pieces but I would have to say the Cherry Blossom Dress. It’s timeless, versatile, easy wearing and comfy….what more could you ask for in a dress?


  • What motivates you most?

My biggest motivation in life is you have to do what makes you happy. Don’t waste your time on something that doesn't make you happy. I am super goal driven and always set myself long and short term goals- whether that's personally or professionally. This helps me to measure my own success (remember everyone else’s success is different). I have a young family so a big factor for me is balance and creating a steady but healthy work/ homelife. When my children grow up I want them to be proud of me and all that we have achieved together as a family.


  • What is your favorite thing about your career?

So many things I love…..I love that i get to work with my bestie every day, I love fashion so being able to play with fabrics, designs and everything else in between is a gals dream. I love the wee R+R community we have formed, giving people confidence in the clothing they choose to wear, the freedom it gives my family as I have the ability to work from home with my 2 little boys. The list honesty goes on!!!

Hopefully you've learnt a little something extra about Meagan and if you have any other questions leave us a comment and we might have to do a part two!


The Team at R+R 🤍