Ruby & Rain Sustainable Business Practices

Ruby & Rain clothing is designed and manufactured here in New Zealand. While this decision to make our clothing here is not without its own challenges, we know there are many benefits for our country as a whole, and for our customers. 

We create jobs for people, and have championed bringing New Zealand manufacturing back into the fore by offering positions to seamstresses, cutters, pattern makers and designers. Most importantly however, is our ability to produce high quality, long lasting clothing. Our mission from the very beginning has been to make clothing that lasts, and wears well, wash after wash. Feedback during our research and development stages (and because Meagan herself had personal experience with this) showed that some size groups are harder wearing on their clothing than others, and with that in mind our stitching processes, and the way our patterns are created, are specifically tailored to the size ranges for which we love creating beautiful clothing for. 

We make clothing for women sized 14 to 28, which means not just increasing the same pattern size (as you will find with cut priced Chinese and Bangladesh made clothing), but thoughtfully designing each size and pattern to properly suit the people who will wear our clothing. 

While most garments are designed by Meagan herself, as the brand has grown, so has the team. When you shop with Ruby & Rain, quality, workmanship, and meticulous attention to every detail is guaranteed and as a result our designs will last for years. When a garment leaves our HQ, it has been through at least 6 sets of hands. Every member of our valued team is paid above minimum wage, from designers, to pattern makers, the pattern cutter, our sewing team, our quality control officer, plus our dispatch and handling team. We want to provide incentives to our team to go above and beyond when producing every item of clothing. So if you are wondering why our clothing is priced above what you pay at generic stores, it is because the New Zealand team are paid New Zealand wages, we pay New Zealand taxes, and we truly value quality and ethical manufacturing as a key part of our business sustainability processes. 

On top of the team responsible for manufacturing the clothing, we also have customer service, marketing, models and photography which is where we are able to make some savings for you, by offering special support roles to some customers who are happy to model, and moderate our social pages in return for clothing. This is also why you will often see Meagan doubling up across the business to be in every shoot, and respond directly to your questions. The effort that goes in to make these clothes as affordable as possible, while still ensuring the quality that provides long lifespan to our customers, is significant. Our margins are small and during our sales, we move the last pieces below cost so we can make our website as easy to navigate as possible. 

We encourage you to think of your Ruby and Rain garments on a per wear basis, so if you buy a dress for $209, and can wear it many times, over many seasons, you will find the actual cost is minimal, and the contribution you are making to our economy is important. We appreciate every one of our customers, and get lots of comments that reinforce the reason we are prioritising NZ made. From time to time the pricing is questioned and we offer AfterPay and Laybuy to make it as easy as possible to manage the payments. We are an honest Kiwi business and we want to be transparent as possible to all people who choose to support us, if you have any questions about any aspect of our business we encourage you to reach out and email us on and our team will be happy to respond to your queries.