Size 14 (XS)

"I love the fact that you make clothes for all shapes and sizes. I love the bright and vibrant colours you use which makes wearing ruby and rain exciting to wear. I love getting comments from people about your clothing it makes you feel good and proud to be wearing kiwi made!! Thanks ruby and rain you have given me a new lease on life through my clothing...cheers"

Size 16 (S)

"Love that you do small runs of your range. I love supporting your company as you are size inclusive and are NZ made. Your clothes range is forward thinking, so comfy and great quality. Many thanks, keep up the great work."

Size 18 (S)

"Love shopping with Ruby and Rain! Customer service is always great. Returns are never a problem! I love how Meagan brings out great designs and then brings them out in different colour ways. The bloom dress is a personal favourite! Love it!! Thank you for creating such a great business for the curvy girls!"

Size 20 (M)

"It makes me feel good as a woman when I can purchase M clothes instead of XLs. Service is brilliant and goods arrive quickly. Love the Facebook lives. I’m excited to get an email to say my Huckle Dress and Raw Hoodie are on their way today. I have several friends that are now addicts. Keep up the great work!"

Size 22 (L)

"I love the range of clothing you have and knowing that it’s made in NZ makes it feel better. Plus you are really good at being social on social media, I’ve seen videos of you showing off new items and your kid/s are there. Thank you for keeping it real for the average every day lady."

Size 24 (XL)

"Being a plus size lady I always found it hard to find nice clothes that suited my body shape. I discovered Ruby and Rain by accident one day after going into the white chalk HQ. After trying on a few pieces and making my first purchased I was sold. Have never looked back since. A lot of people used to comment on the price of the clothes but when you wash and wear the same item for days/months/years that tells you it’s money well spent. The lovely comments from people on the streets or in shops telling you how nice your top/dress is, is always an added bonus. Thank you Ruby and Rain for designing some of the best clothes in NZ."

Size 26 (XL)

"I love the variety of sizes modelled in all the garments, gives you a realistic view of what it could look like on you. The quality and styling of each piece is amazing, plus buying NZ made is so nice. Meagan's stories and posts about the collections are fabulous - a real face to a company. Look forward to filling the wardrobe with many more pieces of R&R."

Size 28 (XXL)

"Most of all I love how your design are inclusive woman’s body and size. Thank you for the real passion in ensuring that all woman have a right to not only wear but also own garments that empower them/us to feel positive about how and we we wear. I know that you empower a lot of woman with your designs and enthusiasm. I think the biggest thing for me with Ruby and Rain was seeing your workshop and all the people at the machines sewing and packing and sending the ordered garments. I also enjoy watching your visits to your production and distribution place. Not only do think about be body inclusivity you are also kind, caring and thoughtful of the people you work with. Thanks for sharing behind the screen of a New Zealand business. Please keep being you as you are amazing at having a voice that advocates for curvy women."