The Ruby + Rain Story

Ruby + Rain is dedicated to celebrating confident and stylish women in sizes 14-28. Our commitment is to provide fashion-forward clothing tailored specifically for curvy bodies, challenging the industry norm of simply scaling up standard patterns.

What benefits will you receive?


A Brand You Can Have Real Confidence In

Confidence starts from the inside out and for us that means loving what we wear, every single day, with no compromise on quality, fit or design. With brands jostling for your attention every day it can be hard to know where to begin. Our difference lies in our people. Our models, our designers, our team know what goes into making your New Zealand designed clothing special.


How Did Ruby + Rain Start?

In the heart of New Zealand, Ruby + Rain emerged as a result of the shared passions of two close friends, Hayley and Meagan. It all started with Hayley's initial venture, White Chalk. Hayley, with a keen business sense, founded White Chalk when she began sourcing clothes for herself from Vietnam through her sister-in-law, and friends started requesting items too. However, it was when Meagan, with a love for fashion, expressed her desire for those stylish garments in sizes 14+. Attempts to extend sizes proved unsuccessful, leading Meagan to take matters into her own hands. She delved into pattern development, sparking the birth of Ruby + Rain. For Meagan, crafting sizing for plus-size isn't about merely enlarging patterns; it's about tailoring designs to celebrate and complement every curve.


... continued

Despite Meagan's lack of formal fashion training, her passion and instinctive understanding of design concepts, especially for plus-size bodies, propelled Ruby + Rain into existence. Fashion isn't just a profession for Meagan; it's her way of life. Constantly observing and inspired by the fashion choices of real women, she has a natural knack for transforming ideas into designs that embrace and enhance diverse body shapes. Meagan, with a background in sales and marketing, didn't stop at creating a brand; she aspired to build a community. From the early days, forming meaningful relationships and fostering a sense of belonging were Meagan's dreams woven into the fabric of Ruby + Rain. Having known each other since school days, the friendship between Hayley and Meagan became the foundation for Ruby + Rain. Their shared journey, from the creation of a small release that sold out rapidly to the establishment of a brand that embraces exclusivity, is a testament to the enduring power of friendship and a shared vision.


Quality Over Quantity Means The World To Us

We can produce small runs to eliminate issues that come with mass-production and fast fashion. We pride ourselves on designing garments that are timeless and will last years to come. 



We are fortunate that Ginny (Hayley's sister in-law) is Vietnamese and co-ordinates production of Ruby & Rain at her family friends small factory in Vietnam. We visited the factory in July to check that the working conditions where of an appropriate standard, we were pleasantly surprised with not only the conditions but how happy and welcoming everyone was.